Miss Selfridge A/W ’12

Just caught a look at the Miss Selfridge A/W collection for 2012…O.M.G. I want it all! The dresses in particular are so stunning,it’s hard to believe they’re highstreet and not designer. From the looks of it we’re in for another embellished season with diamante’s and  sequins sticking it out for another year. Prints are also here to stay, as is the prolific peplum (hallelujah!).Below are some of the many gorgeous pieces that I want to get my hands on…*sigh*

CJ x


Jean vs Trouser

Unjustified: Skinny Light Washed Jeans. WARNING: I am not advising to stop wearing the skinny jean forevs, rather I’m advising to live a little and swap them for a flared leg (as seen on Jessica Alba, below) or cropped/tailored trousers (a la Keira Knightley) just because.

Justified: Tailored/Cropped Trouser. I would be lost without my *ahem, seven pair of* skinnies, however, I’m really bored of them atm so I’v invested in a few pair of ‘smart’ trousers. These work really well for this time of the year with sandals and wedges. So ditch the skinnies and converse and embrace what the summer and autumn trousers have to offer! Looking at Georgia Salpa (below) she looks amazing in her skinny fit jeans, but you cannot argue Miranda Kerr (I want to have her babies!) and her fitted trousers make Georgia look a tad tack…

CJ x

Justified or Unjustified?

There have been quite a few pet hates beginning to grow on me over the last few weeks, which gave me an idea! Why not do some posts of what Jemo (i.e. moi) can justify and what I have simply lost all patience for. It will range from clothes and shoes to hairstyles and general societal trends. In doing so I will mention alternatives to what I find to be dated/no longer necessary/no longer acceptable items of style. It also doubles up as a way for me to vent my frustrations! And of course,as is always the case, don’t take offence if I find something to be unjustified that you love. It’s only my opinion, and lets be honest that doesn’t mean a whole lot…(yet!) 😉

And so I begin…

Unjustifed: Denim Not-So-Hot-Pants. Okay, so these bad boys have literally taken over every girls wardrobe this year and it is a sensitive issue to list them under my ‘unjustified’ list, but enough is enough already! Unfortunately we (the majority of the world) do not possess the lengthy legs like Kendall Jenner or Ashley Tisdale (below) that are needed for hot pants. Furthermore, it is not ok to team them with opaques and think everything is hidden because it’s not! So please, make one change for the rest of the year and put the hot pants to the back of the wardrobe. 

Justified: Tailored Shorts. Now that you have the denim cut-offs securely at the back of the wardrobe it is time to invest in beauties that will not only flatter your figure but are also right on trend. Think Zoe Hardman, Caroline Flack, Mollie King and Rochelle Wiseman (all pictured below). What do they have in common? These ladies all look INCREDIBLE in shorts because they wear them at a suitable length and suitable shape for their figures. These shorts are so versatile and can be brought straight from day-to-night. They’re short enough yet without the ‘bare-bum’ look of denim hot-pants. Team them with a blazer and heels for a smart look or keep it simple for daytime with sandals and a floaty top.

You’ve got to admit, they do look A LOT sexier than grungy torn denims no!?

CJ x


The sun finally made an appearance (albeit was only for a few hours), yaaaaay! To mark the occasion I whipped out my white skinnies before the rain returned. Unlike in my previous post I decided to dress them up ever so slightly. White and navy tend to go hand-in-hand to create a classic, timeless style. I love to add gold accessories to give a French chic feel. Finishing off the look are my favourite tanned sandals that go with almost everything and a cute red clutch which was cheap as chips! It wasn’t until I had the outfit on that I noticed both top and jeans had gold zips…hurrah for spontaneous coordination!

CJ x

Top: Vero Moda/ Jeans: Zaro Clothing, Mullingar/ Shoes: River Island/ Bag: Penneys/ Chain: Zaro Clothing, Mullingar/ Watch & beaded bracelet: River Island/ ‘Cross’ Bracelet: ASOS/ Rings: Daisy Jewellery



A Few Summer Staples…

Every season brings about various key pieces that will set up any wardrobe. This summer I have found mine-a navy blazer; white jeans; white shorts; tan sandals ; nude heels; nude handbag. Each of these items can be mixed and matched throughout the “summer” (if we can even call it that!) and autumn.

I will post images of my outfits as I go along to demonstrate how the same pieces can be worn in numerous ways to tie me through the season!

First up, I wore this particular outfit for a day out shopping with the mammy! Shopping can be stressful at the best of times and there is NOTHING worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes/shoes for what should be an enjoyable experience. I love love LOVE this blazer from a great boutique in Mullingar called LBD. It was great value and the style would flatter most shapes. It can be dressed up or down as you will see in future posts 🙂

CJ x

Navy blazer: LBD Boutique, Mullingar  http://www.lbdboutique.ie/ / Tops: H&M/ Jeans: Zaro Clothing, Mullingar/ Sandals: Boohoo.com/ Bag: Zara/ Watch & beaded bracelet: River Island/ Gold ‘Cross’ bracelet: ASOS

Girl of the moment, Emma Stone…

 This lady is EVERYWHERE at the moment! Open any magazine/newspaper and you will see the very elegant Emma Stone gracing the pages, and rightly so. She has become a slight obsession of mine in recent weeks due to her acting roles and she is developing into quite the fashionista. Personally, I cannot fault Emma and below I have chosen a few of her looks that I find particularly drool-worthy!

At the tender age of 23 I’m very excited to see how her style progresses over the years. Very few people can change from gothic to girly to elegant and sexy overnight but Emma certainly can! I can only imagine she is a dream to style.

CJ x

Ode to Wimbledon

Wimbledon finishes tomorrow (come on Murray!) so I decided to root out my most appropriate attire for the occasion. Gone are the all-in-white skater-skirt-slash-mammy-vest ensembles, complete with sweatbands. Oh yes, fear yee not! There is a stylish, wearable alternative to the otherwise fancy-pancy outfit.

I teamed my white Zara shorts (ok, so they are a bit tennis-y ,but are also my summer staple) with a navy Ralph Lauren sweater and red and white striped shirt. Ralph Lauren is my go-to for great basics including shirts, sweaters, socks and tees…wedged high-tops from River Island complete the look whilst ensuring its 2012 worthy! I adore these high-tops and I’m sure they will make many more appearances in my future posts.

P.s apologies for the lack of face in these images, it wasn’t my most photogenic day!

CJ x