Ode to Wimbledon

Wimbledon finishes tomorrow (come on Murray!) so I decided to root out my most appropriate attire for the occasion. Gone are the all-in-white skater-skirt-slash-mammy-vest ensembles, complete with sweatbands. Oh yes, fear yee not! There is a stylish, wearable alternative to the otherwise fancy-pancy outfit.

I teamed my white Zara shorts (ok, so they are a bit tennis-y ,but are also my summer staple) with a navy Ralph Lauren sweater and red and white striped shirt. Ralph Lauren is my go-to for great basics including shirts, sweaters, socks and tees…wedged high-tops from River Island complete the look whilst ensuring its 2012 worthy! I adore these high-tops and I’m sure they will make many more appearances in my future posts.

P.s apologies for the lack of face in these images, it wasn’t my most photogenic day!

CJ x


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