Jean vs Trouser

Unjustified: Skinny Light Washed Jeans. WARNING: I am not advising to stop wearing the skinny jean forevs, rather I’m advising to live a little and swap them for a flared leg (as seen on Jessica Alba, below) or cropped/tailored trousers (a la Keira Knightley) just because.

Justified: Tailored/Cropped Trouser. I would be lost without my *ahem, seven pair of* skinnies, however, I’m really bored of them atm so I’v invested in a few pair of ‘smart’ trousers. These work really well for this time of the year with sandals and wedges. So ditch the skinnies and converse and embrace what the summer and autumn trousers have to offer! Looking at Georgia Salpa (below) she looks amazing in her skinny fit jeans, but you cannot argue Miranda Kerr (I want to have her babies!) and her fitted trousers make Georgia look a tad tack…

CJ x


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