Blazer Sharp

Blazers are probably my biggest downfall….not shoes or handbags like most girls but blazers! Bizarre as it may seem its a problem (mainly for my bank balance) that I refuse to shake off. I have quite a lovely collection coming along in my wardrobe and would be lost without most of them. So, when I saw this GORGEOUS  monochrome blazer in Penneys I nearly peed myself! It is a timeless classic and unashamedly the most recent addition to my collection. I haven’t anything to wear it with, as of yet, but below are trousers I saw in Zara today that would be perfect….unfortunately, the wrath of being unemployed means I had to leave them behind, however, in an ideal world I would have bought both pairs and teamed them with a simple black tee and shoes similar to those which are pictured, a la elegant Elle. OH, I almost forgot to mention the blazer was only 25 euro…steal!

CJ x

Blazer: Penneys/ Trousers: Zara

Olympic Fever

Okay so I know the Olympics are over (much to my disappointment) and this post is soooo last week but seen as the Para-olympics are approaching it’s not too late to channel my inner sports star…very inner may I add. Sports Luxe is one of those trends that came upon us this year and tbh I’m still not too sure as to how I feel about it. I think I’m a bit too girly-chic to be able to fully embrace it and carry it off but God loves a trier so here is my attempt!

CJ x


P.s. sorry about the squinty eyes, I’m not trying a seductive pose the sun was just really bright! I’m like yer one from BINTM that can’t keep her eyes open for a photie!

Trousers: Penneys/ Top: PenneysTrainers: River Island

Nana’s Healthbread

As baking is quite a big hobby of mine it’s only right that I should share some of my coveted recipes with you lovely people 🙂 Without a shadow of a doubt I picked up all of the tricks of the trade from my Nana who is a genius when it comes to the kitchen! This recipe is one of hers (don’t panic, it’s not a secret recipe handed down through generations- I haven’t managed to get my paws on that one yet!) and I love it. It’s simple to make, ridiculously tasty and has the added bonus of being healthy! I try not to eat bread other than soda bread as I find sliced pans, bread rolls etc are stodgy and make me feel like the frog from the motilium ad!

So here is a list of ingredients for Nana’s Healthbread 🙂

1 LB wholemeal flour/ 1 tbsp wheatgerm/ 1 tbsp mixed seed/ 1 tspn bread soda/ 1 tspn salt/ half pint butter milk (usually need a little extra if not using egg)/ 2 tbsp oil (vegetable/rapeseed)/ 1 egg (optional)/ 1 tspn sugar (optional)/ Handful of Sesame Seeds

Mix dry ingredients together. Make a well in the centre and stir in the oil and milk (and egg if using). The mixture should be too soft to touch and too thick to pour. Transfer mixture into a 1  LB loaf tin (no need for grease-proof paper as it sticks to the bread). Scatter sesame seeds on top. Bake in oven at 190C for 1 hour.

I never bother with the egg or sugar, so if you use them I would love to hear your feedback 🙂

CJ x

Playful Dayz

Hurraaaaah the sun is here!! Best make the most of it! Finally a chance to wear possibly the cutest item in my wardrobe, my playsuit from that I purchased over a year ago! I jumped at the chance to prance around in it and my River Island wedges (or “flatforms”).  Of course it’s extremely important to protect your eyes from the rays of sunshine and what better way than cute “raybans” from Accessorize 😉 I wouldn’t usually wear fancy shades, I’m more of an  aviators girl but the playsuit was crying out for fun accessories.

Make the most of your weekend and if it’s sunny where you are be sun wise! 🙂

CJ x

Playsuit: Sandals: River Island/ Sunnies: Accessorize

Day to Night

I bought this pretty pink dress recently to bring on holidays with me but decided to blog about it as it can also very easily adapt for work wear or party wear. For a casual look I teamed it with a tanned bag and flats, both from River Island. The chanel-esque cardigan was a steal from Penneys and giving the weather we’re having in Ireland I wouldn’t advise leaving the house without a cardi or coat!

So, Friday evening has arrived and work colleagues have arranged an impromptu night out on the tiles. One problem…girls need A LOT more time than guys to get ready. Well, I have a solution. A quick trip to the powder room, with the help of your pre-packed-just-in-case-goodie-bag  comprising of dry shampoo, hair spray, a quick change of shoes and jacket and VOILA, you’re ready in less than 15 minutes!

It’s Thursday ladies, so get packing that goodie bag for tomorrow!

CJ x

Dress: Penneys/Cardigan: Penneys/ Shoes: River Island/ Bag: River Island/ Sunnies: Penneys/ Fruit rings: Penneys/ Stacked rings: Daisy Jewellery

Heels: River Island/ Cream Blazer:


Last month I posted my favourite pieces from Miss Selfridge AW12 and this month its all about what I believe to be the best highstreet shop out there, Zara. Big statement I know, but the pictures of their AW12 collection below do it justice. It is the only shop I walk into where I am guaranteed to want to buy something every time! The main reasons being that their clothes are so on trend and versatile. Simples. Unfortunate enough for the ol’ bank account though.

Go on, have a good drool at what the lucky suckers with jobs and money can wear over the next coming months. I’m not a bit jealous, I swear…

CJ x 

Ombre Nails…

Ombre, relatively meaning ‘shaded’, has been around in many forms for a few years now. It has been seen on the catwalks of the likes of Alexander McQueen (see dress below); it was even the theme of Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress,also pictured below (a bit OTT if you ask me!), however, most of us are probably more aware of the ombre, or more commanly named ‘balayage’ hairstyle, as perfected by Rachel Bilson, below. Given it’s popularity in fashion, it was only a matter of time before it was extended to nails and I have to admit I love it! I’m not usually one for funky multi-coloured nails but having been introduced to the Ombre nail trend my a good friend of mine I have become slightly obsessed. It’s great fun and a great way of adding a pop of colour to an outfit, especially in the summer months.

Here’s a link to a good guideline of how to achieve Ombre nails, but beware, it is only recommended for a rainy lazy day where you have all the time in the world as it is time consuming.

Below are some of my favourite combinations as well as my own attempt (spot the difference).

Happy painting (or should I say sponging) 🙂

CJ x