Sleep-in-rollers, HD Brows & Lipsy loving

This week I have scoused up my life in the form of rollers and big brows! I have been meaning to try the sleep rollers for ages now and I finally got my hands on them. I was expecting GREAT things having read about them everywhere and heard celebs singing their praises,however, I was left a tiny bit disappointed. Firstly, I found them too uncomfortable to sleep in. Secondly, they got caught in my hair and was quite sore when it came to taking them out. Having said all of that, I’m willing to give them a second chance and practice and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of them. I have since worn them during the day and got really good results in terms of volume. Sooooo, I’m not completely writing them off just yet.

Now, HD Brows. Where do I start. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Everyone should get them done, they make an absolute world of a difference to your entire face. I was a bit naive in thinking they were semi-permanent when in actual fact they wash off as soon as you wash your face, however, the guidelines I received from the lovely Raksha at Glamoureyes on how to maintain them at home and do them yourself completely put me at ease again and I’m delighted to say I’m managing them really well. HD brows are not just about defining your eyebrows but it’s about grooming them, helping to get regrowth and shape and an overall make-over for your brows. For anyone in the Westmeath area I couldn’t recommend Glamoureyes in Mullingar highly enough ( ), Raksha is brilliant at what she does and extremely informative and helpful ( .

In preparation for my besties 21st on Saturday night I popped in my rollers, vamped up my brows and donned a lovely Lipsy frock!

CJ x

Dress: Lipsy/ Shoes: Korkys/ Bag: Penneys


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