VCUK Fall Fashion Finder





Dress: RIVER ISLAND £10 (sale)


         Collar: NEW LOOK £4.99 (sale

  Socks: TOPSHOP £3.50

Boots: ZARA £22.99                     

Thanks to the fabulous Mel at (my favourite blog!) I found out about this really great initiative that are running. Basically what it entails is that we put together an outfit for Autumn for under £50. Not a very easy task I’ll be honest! As the pictures suggest, however, I did succeed after a very long afternoon of comparing items and prices on every fashion website under the sun!

Above is my final outfit, which came in at an impressive £41.48! There was also the added difficulty of converting the prices from euro to sterling as it is a UK based competition. This also got me thinking how frustrating it is that Ireland doesn’t have many competitions for bloggers and fashion loving people in general! Anyway, now is not the time or the place for a rant…

The idea behind vouchercodes is to help us all to find the most affordable clothes out there, without sacrificing on style of course. To get involved all you have to do is make an account on Pinterest (if you have one already, all the better!), and create a board for your VCUK bargain outfit (title it VCUK Fall Fashion Finder).  An added bonus is that the best 2 outfits get to keep their entire outfit that they put together. What are you waiting for!?

To have a better look at my outfit follow this link

To find out more info about the competition follow this link

What do you make of my outfit? What would you like to add/change about it?

CJ x


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