Quick outfit post from a few days ago!

One of my pet hates is comfy-sloppy clothes…’comfy-sloppy’ is what I mean by throwing on your comfiest jumper WITH your comfiest trackie bottoms…and leaving the house! Now, I’m the first to admit to cosy clothes days, I’m all for it! But, it can get verrrry addictive to choose these less than flattering clothes more often than is advisable. More often than not, we all have our favourite tracksuits/onesies/oversized hoodies that we live in at home, but the problem starts when we start to wear them outside of the house…to put it bluntly, its just laziness.

As a student my wardrobe is 90% comfort over style and my number 1 rule is to find clothes that are comfortable, but also look like I haven’t just rolled out of bed and into the first garment that’s lying on the floor. This outfit post is an example of a simple way to wear clothes that tick the two boxes; comfort and style.

CJ x

Do you agree with my comfy-sloppy theory? Or do you think comfortable clothes should be all about the ‘sloppy’ look? I love hearing other fashionista’s opinions 🙂

P.s. Apologies about the poor quality photos, my camera is very temperamental!

Jumper: Old and Borrowed from the mammy/ Shirt: H&M/Leggings and boots: Zara/ Bag: Love Moschino


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