Derma Logic

This week I have yet again been chasing my tail…exams, assignments, thesis the list goes on! I’ve also been trying to squeeze in a little Christmas shopping which went relatively successful thankfully. As well as that, I have been working on a little something something for a favourite Irish magazine of mine 😉 Hold you horses, all in good time my lovely followers!!

This has left very little time for outfit posts so I have opted instead for a beauty post and this particular post is dedicated to my skin saviour: Dermalogica. 

Having tried EVERY tablet/treatment/cleanser/moisturiser over the past few years for acne I have finally found something  affordable (just about) that works…praise thee lord! I have decided not to go back down the road of medication as even though it worked a dream at the time, as soon as I stopped taking it my skin flared up again. Instead, I’m working on it from the outside with the help of my sha-mazing (yes, I have caught the Sherzy bug) beauty therapist. After a consultation she devised a plan of treatments for my skin and recommended a home kit so that the treatments can be maximised.

After having a facial every week for 6 weeks, my skin was practically brand new! Now, I cant afford to keep that up so I have one every 6-8 weeks. Unlike most facials with other brands that leave you looking raw, dermalogica leaves your face completely calm afterwards. So much so that you don’t have to put a paper bag over your face to run from the salon to the car.

I have posted some pictures of the home-care products I have gathered over the past few months. The Cleanser is the best I have ever used; the pre-cleanse I have just started to use and can’t believe it has taken this long to opt for it; the overnight clearing gel is brilliant for calming red flares overnight; the active moist and toner are sooo refreshing; the little sample of skin hydrating booster is brilliant to put on at night if you have extra dry patches. Also, the SPF is great to mix with your moisturiser in the morning. It’s not greasy like most sun protectors.

All of these products were recommended for me based on my skin, they are not to be used without recommendation from a professional therapist as they are very potent and can be too severe for some skin types so make sure and check with your beauty therapist before using any dermalogica products!!

My christmas list includes the Mattifier which I have used from samples I received and it’s unbelievable! It basically acts as a primer but as well as doing the aesthetic work, it is also working away on your skin and feeding it nutrients at the same time! win-win!!

After all, it’s just dermal logic 😉

CJ x

What are the beauty treatments that work for you? Do you use Dermalogica? If so do you agree/ recommend any other products?

derma logic 001

derma logic 002

derma logic 003


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