So Christmas Day has come and gone, but I am NOT accepting that Christmas is over. As far as I’m concerned it is Christmas until the tree and decorations come down in January. Now that that’s cleared up, on with my outfit post!

Hope you have all had a great Christmas (so far) and I’m sure you’re all gearing up for NYE. Unfortunately New Years Eve is not usually a diary event for me as the town I live in is simply a nightmare on this night! Pubs and nightclubs are jammed and you spend half of the night queuing to get in, then as soon as you’re in you have to queue for another age to get a drink and after your drink you spend at least half an hour queuing for the ladies room whilst listening to the horrendous life stories of 15 to 50 year olds and how their life is ruined because of some antics they have been up to as a result of copious amounts of WKD and Heineken (only the classiest drinks for the classiest girlos).

You might be thinking ‘Woah, this girl is a  serious killjoy!’ but honestly, I’m not over-exaggerating. I would love nothing more than to ring in the new year with great company and drinks but that’s not entirely realistic in my neck of the woods. I have always said that I will save for the next NYE to go abroad and ring it in in style but that never happens!

Unless I get an invite to a lavish NYE party in the next couple of days, don’t be expecting any outfit posts of sparkly dresses  (*sob sob*)…What I do have to offer, however, is my relatively new leopard print coat that I grabbed for 15euro in Penneys (Primark). I have always been very cowardly about embracing leopard as it can be disastrous but seen as this was such a bargain and with a little encouragement from my sister (who, btw, was Bet Lynch in a previous lifetime) I gave in and haven’t looked back.

Going for a slightly dressy look I wore the coat over a burgundy skater skirt (Penneys) and tights with my Zara ankle boots.

For a trip around the Galway Christmas Markets I teamed the coat with leggings, my current obsession GEEK t-shirt from Topshop and my Hilfiger boots. The bag is Mischa Barton…

Finally, for a night out it is always great to have  a warm coat to snuggle into when you’re aimlessly hailing a taxi for what can seem like a lifetime (I’m starting to rant again aren’t I?). I wore the coat over black skinny jeans, a black top from Zara (which I love btw with it’s leather shoulder panels) and my trusty Zara ankle boots.

So there you go, an essay as oppose to a blog this week! 🙂 …which reminds me, I have to get going on my Thesis again…*sigh*

Until next time folks,

CJ x

How do you feel about prints, and leopard in particular?

Look 6umagpics 009leopard 013leopard 014leopard 016leopard 017leopard 018leopard 019leopard 026leopard 020


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