365: Week 1

So here we go, the first 7 snaps of my 365 photo project! I hope to upload a weeks worth of photos every Tuesday, seen as New Years Day fell on a Tuesday this year.

The photos include some I have taken myself as well as some inspirational fashion shots I have come across in the media this week.



Let me know what you think of the pictures! 🙂


This is a walkway along a canal near where I live, perfect for Sunday walks with my sister and her dog

photo (6)A snap of the fireplace before all of the Christmas decorations were taken down 😦

daisymayDaisy May Butler Bates: my sister’s chihuahua who lives with us now

photo (5)Came across this and just had to share it! How CUTE are they!? Love it

photo (3)Gave my room an early spring clean and lit my favourite candle-The White Company: Pomegranate

photo (7)As my obsession with Mollie King grows, so too does her fabulous wardrobe of cute dresses

photo (4)Finishing on this morning’s photo of a sleepy little girl 🙂


Drop me a line :)

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