Uni Outfitters

Today’s post features my new buys from Jack Wills…It is actually an obsession I have where I constantly check their website whenever I come into a bit of money and try to justify buying something new and beauuuuutiful by saying “Well, if I was to buy that in a different store it would cost the same but the quality would only be half as good!”, or (a firm favourite), “I’ll have it forever!”…like that makes any sense!? I’m pretty sure in ten years time I won’t even remember what it was that I had purchased, never mind still wear it…but alas, where there’s a will there’s a way.

In fairness I have been after these skinny sweatpants for over a year (approximately the same time the obsession set in) so when I saw them in the January sale that was all the justification I needed! Also, I may have bought two pairs, rather than one…just because there was about 12euro off the original price :/

I have mentioned in others posts that I usually buy any Jack Wills clothes in Kildare Village but they rarely have any sweatpants and I have only ever seen one pair of navy skinny sweatpants randomly lying on a rail so I wasn’t going to hold out hope of getting them any cheaper there.

photooos 018photooos 020photooos 019

I bought the same pant, the Kenwyn Skinny Sweatpant to be more precise, in two different shades; navy (as seen above) and Damson (below). I have quite literally been living in the damson ones since I got them. Both shades can be worn with converse, uggs (for super snuggly days) and I have even tried to recreate the Jack Wills look by teaming the Damson with  a pair of loafers (see below)…I’m still not quite sure what to think of that though???

photooos 041photooos 042photooos 043photooos 045

All in all I cannot recommend these pants enough!! They are so unbelievably soft on the inside they’re an absolute treat to wear…They’re warmer and more acceptable than leggings in some situations and can be adapted to wear in many different ways. Also, as Jack Wills prides itself on being ‘Outfitters to the Gentry’, what is there not to like!? 😉

Have a great week everyone! I hope to post a couple of more times during the week and I am really excited about two features I have coming up!! The excitement is keeping me going through what is to be a horrid week of college work.


Jumper: Ralph Lauren/ Loafers: River Island (old)/ Scarf: H&M (old)/Boots: Ugg

photooos 044


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