365: Week 3

This weeks snaps sort of sum up my last week- baking, freeeezing, and outfit snapping!

blueberrryyGot a bit snap-happy with my blueberry muffin recipe!

nike blazersCame across these beauties on twitter! Check out @LailaLous for customisation

meeeeThought it was time to update the ol twitpic!

ripped,studA sneak-peak from a recent outfit shoot I was doing (keep an eye for the full #OOTT soon)

me and dayzMyself and Daisy-May wrapped up to brave the snow!…if there was any snow…

pucker upHAHA! This made me laugh but thought I’d share it anyway #mort

frostyyyyView from my kitchen window this morning, at -4C…brrrr

So there you have it, another 365 entry…I hope to get more variety in my photos as I go along but it’s just at the minute I’m not getting to go out too much with looking after my sister and keeping up with college. But hey, I have another 49 weeks!!

Hope the weather isn’t too harsh where you are…I absolutely LOVE it when its freezing and snowy. Any excuse for wrapping up in winter wollies 😉



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