College Times

This weeks events will definitely be contributing to my ‘2013 Jar’ (yano the little jar you promise to set up on New Years day to hold all of your achievements/ fun things that occur throughout the year and then empty it on New Years Eve to reminisce?) yep, that’s the one!

Justifiedbyjemo is the featured blog on Collegetimes this week! Whoooop!! It is a website typically aimed at and contributed to by students in Ireland and is a great outlet for getting yourself out there! The website is great fun and includes news, sport and entertainment all with a typical Irish humour. It’s basically like a mixture between a magazine and blog, what’s not to love!?

The style section is where my little blog finds itself this week. I have come across numerous blogs on so I’m extremely grateful to be in the spotlight this week. My blog is so tiny compared to others but it’s my outlet and hopefully will grow throughout the year. So far so good and it’s only January!


I tweeted the style editor (@amberleighdoyle) after I saw they were looking for bloggers/stylists/models/ stylish people in general to contribute. She was so lovely and agreed to feature this very blog 🙂 It’s a quick interview about my style/style icons/tips for bloggers etc etc…have a read if you wish 🙂

See the full interview here


Have a great weekend



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