Fashion Diary in U Magazine

This week has been SO exciting! Not only did my blog feature in but I also featured in U Magazine’s Fashion Diary…it never rains but it pours! And for once I don’t want the rain to stop…

In each issue of U there is a Fashion Diary segment that showcases 10 styles of the person in question…usually bloggers/stylists/fashion journalists/boutique owners are the lucky ducks in question so I am unbelievably honoured to have been chosen for this latest issue ( 3 Feb 2013 is the issue).


It is an amazing outlet and advertisement for someone in my position with little or no contacts to get my name ‘out there’. It’s also a little funny seeing myself in the magazine as it’s usually the first page I turn to so to see my mug looking back is a little surreal! haha…

umag3Sorry about the poor quality!! But seen as it’s available in print I didn’t fuss too much.


If any of you are living in Ireland feel free to buy a copy to have a proper look!

CJ x

What have you all been up to this week? Does anybody know of any other good outlets for getting your blog out into the big bad world? Drop me a comment of your experiences 🙂 





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