This is an outfit I wore last week while the temperatures were below zero (I did throw a coat on over it don’t worry)…I’m all for freezing temperatures. Mild wet weather gets sooooo boring after 10 months of it! I took this occasion to wear my Christmas present of hat and mittens which I think are from Claire’s Accessories but I’m not 100% sure…if not there then it’s Accessorize. I didn’t want to ask where they were from!

photooos 028

This was also the first outing for my River Island denim shirt I bought with another Christmas present of a voucher. Seen as a western theme is forecast for SS13 I thought I’d indulge a little…that and the fact that I feel like 8 year old me again when I wear a denim shirt!haha ohhh the memories…Speaking of which actually, I lived in denim and Dc Martin boots when  I was younger (as did a lot of my generation) so I’m a bit freaked out how that is all back in this year but we’re 21 years old now..? That’s why I don’t feel comfortable seeing Dc Martins on adults, it’s a bit like looking at a big baby I think! It’s a little unnerving…

Anyway I paired the shirt with my relatively new torn denims and New Look spiked ankle boots. Voila!

photooos 024photooos 026photooos 029

I threw a grey jumper on over this outfit just to shake it up a bit and show how the denim shirt can be worn in many different ways. I hope to also wear it with my black leather skirt and printed trousers (not all at once!)

photooos 031photooos 033photooos 034

There you have it!


Where do you stand on denim shirts? And also I’d be interested in hearing your opinion about Dc Martins, am I the only person who doesn’t trust them now? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂


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