Party Princess

This week I tried out essence colour & go glitter nail varnish in the 105 Party Princess shade. It’s so glittery and girly! When I saw it in the shop it reminded me straight away of Barbie so obviously I couldn’t leave it behind.

The nail varnish is actually quite faint so I put it over a pink colour to make the glitter stand out more.

I painted on a clear base coat using Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening base and top coat. It’s best to always use a clear base coat as it prevents the colour from staining your nails and also makes it a hell of a lot easier when it comes to removing the varnish.


I followed this with one coat of  Sally Hansen 520 Shrimply Devine (I would normally do two coats of the coloured varnish I use but in this case there’s no need as the glitter is going over it). This is a gorgeous colour to wear on it’s own especially for S/S. It’s lies somewhere between coral and pink on the colour spectrum.


Once dry, I painted on one layer of the essence Party Princess. You may find one coat to be enough but I think two makes it last longer so I gave it  a second coat once the first was dry. I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to let the first glitter coat dry COMPLETELY before adding the second. It’s quite a thick consistency so needs more drying time than usual nail varnish, otherwise the second coat just sits on top of the first and it turns into a big smudgy glittery mess!

glitternailsessencenailsnails2I was delighted with how they turned out and thought they looked almost shellac-like after a final top coat of the Sally Hansen Double Duty that was also used as the base coat. Overall I’m a great fan of essence nail varnish as I get bored very easily so I’m delighted to not have to pay more than 3 or 4 euro for colours as I change my nails almost every week. The Sally  Hansen range is also so good and very durable, if not a little bit pricey  (and there was you thinking she was only good for tan!)…

Have  a great weekend lovely followers,

CJ x

Has anyone else tried this essence shade? If so what’s your take on it? I’d love to try other recommendations of colours you have used!


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